When we started planning our project rifle, Chris was the obvious choice for the work. His forward thinking, progressive approach and obsessive attention to detail made certain that ‘T3 RS’ would be a success. Put simply, UK Gunworks makes the most accurate rifles I have ever shot.

Dom Holtam, Sporting Shooter magazine.

When I wanted to buy my first rifle, I looked on the internet at various gunsmith. One stood out as it was local. I made contact and turned up……for a cup of tea. Several cups of tea later, I had assessed that Chris’s engineering knowledge was quite high and based on sound principal. A few more cups of tea later I was guided towards what is one of Chris’s favourite calibres, the 6.5×55 Ackley improved. The order was placed and in true Chris’s fashion, 2 weeks later the work was completed. As part of the service Chris’s supplied the reloading tools, brass bullets etc. We then met, reloaded the rounds and went load testing, first of all fire forming and soon after sweeping through the load and bullet seating positions. Soon it was shooting under a 5 pence coin. I was converted to the 6.5×55 AI. Good for stalking and good for long range. Since then a UKgunworks 6mmBR has been added to the collection a gun with a precision I never thought was possible. I would recommend Chris to anybody!

Arnaud Martin Engine Designer R.M.L

UK Gunworks created me a top quality and essential work tool. They had the work completed within 2 weeks, with friendly expert advice before and after, all that at affordable prices. I recommend them to anyone serious about vermin control.”

Will, Head keeper on Strines Grouse Moor

My new UK Gunworks Tikka T3 is exactly what i asked Chris to build for me i am very happy with it.
Weather out after foxes or shooting steel it gets the job done reliably and accurately.
Being x-forces if i was handed my Tikka and told that is what i was deploying with i would be happy to carry it on the ground knowing i could count on it to get any job done i required of it.
I would highly recommend Chris at UK Gunworks for any work you need doing.

Gary Lowe

My 6.5 nemesis built by UK gunworks for stalking and general long range work looks amazing and shoots spot on.
On its first trip out after 80+ rounds of fireforming and zeroing the cold bore shot was 6” off a crow at 1164 yards.
It then went on to drop 3 deer later in the day.. Absolutely faultless and ruthlessly accurate.

Gary James Lowe

I was so pleased with the work and how my 6.5-55 Improved shoots that Chris from Ukgunworks built that when i decided to get a 7mm rifle built i decided to have him build it too!!
As i expected his advise and help to what i wanted was very professional.
I ended up with a 280 Ackley improved which runs the 162 A-maxs @3025 , very accurate , very good looking , very good quality of work and service – what more could a customer ask for!!
Thanks again Chris for a quality job!!!

Raymond Toy, Varminter,Stalker & rifle nut

I was introduced to Chris by a friend about 5 years ago, since then he has done a couple of jobs for me, including re-barreling a Sako .17 to .204. Chris was very helpful and knowledgeable in selecting the best barrel profile and twist rate for my needs, and the price he quoted was very reasonable. The re-barreled action was bedded in to a new McMillan stock, and the rifle was ready to collect in just over a week. Chris is a perfectionist and his work is second to none, the machining is very high quality as is the stock bedding, as you would expect the rifle is amazingly accurate. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to anyone.

Colin French

I first met Chris around 7 years ago in the shop. Too start with he screw cut a rifle for me and worked up a load that made the rifle shoot better than ever but didn’t stop me missing a few sadly! Soon after he built me a .243 AI that I feel very confident with, I now have 3 UK Gunworks rifles and a bit more knowledge in reloading thanks to Chris.

Ashley Manager at Northampton Gun Co

I can honestly say the two rifles built for me by Chris at UK Gunworks are the most accurate rifles i have ever had the 17 rem and the 6br both shoot onehole groups at 100 yards i am extremely pleased with the rifle work.

Mike T Gamekeeper Lancashire

Hi Chris,
The rifle is brilliant, I fire formed 30 cases and did some very quick load development mainly from the Internet. 46 gns Varget, and 70 gn BT, which I guess is quite warm gave me 2 three shot groups of .22 and .24. The deer are not at all impressed.
Regards Jeffrey

Jeffrey,Farmer and Rifle Enthusiast

Being a novice when it came to re-loading I can’t thank Chris enough for all his help & work he has done developing a load that is not only consistent but extremely accurate. Having been guided through the home loading process I now feel competent enough to take it on myself. Not only has Chris helped with the load development he has also worked on numerous parts of my rifle all of which I’m extremely pleased with and has done nothing but improve the overall handling & accuracy of the gun. Having witnessed some of the custom rifles Chris has built & some of his machine work I can honestly say its second to none & the best I’ve seen. If I ever have a problem Chris is always the man, never has he been phased by any technical issues & always seems to solve the problem. I have no hesitation in recommending UK Gunworks for any rifle needs & is always my first port of call.

Scott Armstrong,Northampton Saints Player and Deer Stalker

‘When I decided to get a custom rifle built I thought about going for the 6.5-55 Ackley Improved. I have been fortunate to have been up to see Chris Blackburn of UKgunworks and visit him and his family!. While I was visiting i got to shoot some of the rifles he has built for himself , one of which was the 6.5-55 Ackley Improved, I was so impressed with his work and professional attitude that i asked him to build me one!!! I told him i wanted a rifle which i could use for stalking / Foxing but it still needs to be used for long range varminting. I have taken pests out to 885yds now with this rifle and only just missed by inches bunnies at 1000yds!!!! I am over the moon with my rifles performance (and how it looks), and what makes it even better is Chris“s attention to detail, his willingness to always help you out with advise and knowledge of rifles.
If I decide to get another rifle built or I have a rifle related problem i know who i shall be going to again ……….. UKGUNWORKS………… .’

Ray, Cornwall

‘UK Gunworks supplied me with exactly what I asked for, a no nonsense practical rifle with amaxing accuracy. They are now my ‘go to’ rifle builders!’

Jim, Head keeper on Snailsden Grouse Moor

‘UK Gunworks have now become my first port of call whenever I am looking for work doing on any of my rifles. After using them for re-barrelling and complete custom builds I have no hesitation in recommending them very highly. All work has been carried out to the highest quality, and has always been completed within the quoted timescales, at very competitive prices and with an after-sales service that is second to none.’

Andy, West Yorkshire

‘The advice and information from UK Gunworks has been invaluable to me. Even though I have not yet had a rifle built by Chris B, he has spent a significant amount of time on the phone advsing me on how to obtain the maximum in terms of ultimate accuracy out of my rifles. I can thoroughly recommend Chris’s knowledge base as second to none.’

Jon, Derbyshire

‘Thanks Chris for a beautifully made Rifle.It shot like a dream on the first day and i saw a massive improvement in my shooting even after only a dozen rounds.
What impressed me so much besides the quality of the work was your help,advice and the time that you spent with me making sure i was comfortable with my new UK Gunworks custom Rifle.’

Brett Graham Head Chef at The Ledbury, Notting Hill, and part-time stalker

‘Since meeting Chris two years ago at the CLA he has built me three rifles, which are all superbly made and amazingly good value for money. I encourage anyone in the market for a quality rifle to use Chris’s services. They will not be disappointed.’

Mike Robinson - Deer Stalker, TV Chef - Countrywise Kitchen

‘Refreshing to find someone who delivers even more than promised – from expert advice based on real world experience to building me my first custom rifle. Chris has solved several problems i had on some very expensive rifles and have been so impressed he’s now crafting me another custom rig! I can without equivocation recommend Chris at Uk Gunworks for all of your rifle and shooting needs”

Simon Bates

‘I was introduced to Chris by an existing client of UK Gunworks, who assured me that Chris would be able to provide me with exactly what I was looking for in terms of a replacement rifle. Expecting to be shown the £5k minimum price tag for a new one, I was delighted to hear that my factory Tikka 22.250 could be transformed by way of a custom rebuild in to being the ultimate foxing tool it’s now become, for very reasonable money. After trying and testing the finished product it was plain and clear that Chris is an absolute perfectionist, and had total pride in every job he completes for his clients. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Chris to friends, keepers and for that matter anyone I meet who needs help or advice on buying a new rifle or work completed to their existing rifle.’

James, Warwickshire

‘I met Chris 5 years ago and he has maintained all my rifles since then. The 2 rifles that he has built for me have been top notch!’

Steve Thompson, England International Hooker

‘I first spoke to Chris a couple of years ago when I decided I wanted a custom rifle built, he was recommended to me by a few fellow shooters and previous happy customers. After chatting on the phone several times Chris talked about what type of shooting I do and what I wanted from my rifle, he then set about and me built me my first semi-custom rifle based on my Tikka M595 in .223. I then wanted a Longrange and Deer rifle building and contacted Chris to build me a 260AI, had the same quick service and another “tack driver” of a rifle. Chris is a fantastic rifle builder who offers a friendly service and mass of knowledge on rifles reloading and shooting and is always only a phone call away to help. I have another rifle awaiting Chris’s customisation as soon as funds allow me.’

Richard, Herefordshire (Nearly Wales)

‘I first met Chris several years ago through one of the UK shooting forums. Shortly after I had a long phone conversation as I was planning a custom rifle. As I later found out to be Chris’s way he turned me completely around on what I had planned and we put a few things down on paper. By the end of the phone call we had the build planned and priced and it was full steam ahead. Three weeks later and the phone call came to say the rifle build was complete. All we had to wait on now was for the Proofing to be completed. This would normally be an eight to ten week process, however as Chris knew I needed the rifle ASAP for an up-coming Deer cull he drove the distance to the proof house and booked a slot to have the rifle proofed while he waited. All in it took just under a month from the first phone call to the rifle arriving at my local RFD. Within 24hrs I had a load worked up for it and to say I was happy with the results is an understatement. A great company and a cracking product.’

Adam, Aberdeenshire

‘I contacted Chris at UK Gunworks several months ago as I was having accuracy problems with my 22 250, my advice to anyone with a factory rifle would be let him work his magic as he has an impressive knowledge of all calibres and performance to be expected. My rifle has been transformed from a poorly performing item to the ultimate foxing tool with a UK Gunworks barrel and load development suited to this gun. Chris is very approachable and not on for the hard sell like some of the other rifle smiths I have contacted, I can only recommend you look no further.’

Josh, Northamptonshire

‘I am a real perfectionist in everything I do in life, I am heavily caught up in all my reloading and ballistics, I realised my old rifles were just not cutting it any more, so a friend put me in touch with Chris regarding a gun build, Chris is a great down to earth guy with a fast knowledge of rifles and ballistics he blew my mind. Then when i picked my rifle up once I had stopped stroking it we got down to some shooting, found a great load with in 30 minutes and off I went. The only disappointing thing about it all is that I never met Chris years ago, he is now a true friend who I pester all the time over powders and loads. So in a nutshell Chris solved my accuracy problems with a top class build, and currently has my 2 other rifles working for perfection on them.’

Keiron Cunningham, St Helens Rugby League Club

‘I am a passionate fox controller covering over 15000 acres of estate and farm land. The gear I use must always be up to the job and since meeting with Chris and the family he has built me two rifles that do the job fantastically well. Always plenty of time to give and plenty of useful knowledge. Great company and family to know, my first stop in the future for any rifle, gear and information needed.’

Gaz from Staffordshire

‘Having had work done on my rifles by previous gunsmiths that sometimes took longer than expected and often failed to live up to expectations and also expensive to boot, I began using Chris at UK Gunworks for the rebarrels and various other jobs on my rifles and the work has always returned 100% on the money, and at sensible rates. He’s never failed me for advice on reloading solutions to the various problems I’ve struggled to overcome. He puts out what to some may seem to be a gruff, short tempered northerner but to be honest behind the facade you’ll find an experienced and helpful gunsmith who I’ve failed to stump, even with some of problems I’ve presented him with.’

Pete, Northamptonshire

‘Chris has totally transformed my rifles. His attention to detail, realistic lead time and competitive pricing is superb .I would have no reservation in recommending UK Gunworks to anyone.’

Adrian Brightly

‘As a professional gamekeeper, I demand the greatest level of accuracy and repeatability from my weapons for everyday work use. Since discovering Chris Blackburn four years ago, he now carries out all my rifle work and I would recommend him to anybody who is serious about getting the most from their next firearm project. His knowledge, workmanship and practical experience gained in the field is second to none – an order placed with UK Gunworks will guarantee a rifle of the highest quality, delivered within a competitive price and time frame.’

Rich, Derbyshire

‘As a complete novice in the world of precision rifles and load development, the support Chris and Pip at UK Gunworks have provided has been above and beyond. For me, using the right gear backed with sound advice from the start has meant my ability, understanding and enthusiasm have grown exponentially. I couldn’t be happier with my 243 Ack custom rifle and having seen a number of their rifles in action, I have no hesitation in highly recommending them. They are now my go to for anything gun related.’

Tom Wood, Northampton Saints and England International

‘After seeing one of Uk Gunworks rifles, I gave them a call for my next build, after a couple of phone calls a order was made in 6.5×47.as a gamekeeper I wanting a heavy barrelled accurate rifle for longrange vermin control, a couple of weeks later the rifle was ready, I got exactly that! Accuracy is amazing 1 hole groups are the norm, Ukgunworks will be doing all the work on my rifles from now on! Can’t recommend them enough! U will NOT be disappointed with an order to Ukgunworks…!’

Scott, Gamekeeper West Allenheads

‘After been told about 500 yard plus shots from a friend who had a 22.250 AI built by UK Gunworks I gave Chris a call and discussed what I was after. The end result was a quality rifle that was made in very good time and at a very reasonable price. I have recommended UK Gunworks to other friends and all of them have been completely satisfied with the rifles they’ve had built.’

Gary Owen, Grouse Keeper.